Jonathon Zetlmaier, CFP®

Jonathon Zetlmaier, CFP®



I've always had a love for investments.  I've also been very careful with money throughout my life.  My mom was a teacher and my dad worked construction.  We were solidly middle class.  The importance of saving was ingrained early on.  In my early 20's when I thought I knew everything I fell prey to the same things many Americans do, I started living beyond my means, accumulated debt and found myself in a hole.  Fortunately I realized my errors soon and fixed my spending problem.  Going back to the wise money usage my parents instilled was paramount to my success.  I never forget where I've been or where I come from and try to share stories I've learned throughout the years with my clients.


I've been in the financial services industry since 1997.  It's the only industry I know.  In the early days I toiled away cold calling and doing commission sales.  I hated it.  We had customers, not clients and everything was transaction based.  After two years I got burned out and bounced around various financial services jobs.  In 2002 in the aftermath of the dot com bubble I started a contract job with the State of Washington teaching classes on their pension system.  This ultimately led to a position as a representative for governmental 457(b) plans which ultimately led to where I am today--managing $150 million in client assets.  Through it all I had a vision that there may be a better way for financial services firms to operate.  I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Professional in 2009 and have focused my efforts to get to a point where I  could start this firm without major interference from outside parties.  Independent thought, candid conversations, and unbiased advice are what I hold dear when dealing with people.  I hold my Series 7, 52, 63 and 66 securities registrations and also my WA State Life and Disability and Long Term Care Licenses.   You can run a background check on me through


Past President and Chair of Financial Planning Association of Puget Sound.  Member of the House Committee of the Washington Athletic Club.  Current Treasure of CYO Athletics at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.  Member of Seattle Rotary #4. Graduated from the University of Washington in 1997 with a BA in Economics. Eagle Scout.   Avid dad, husband, coach, skier, runner, skateboarder.

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